My photos are licensed Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial

Thank you for visit this page, below you can learn exactly how to legally use my images for both both commercial purposes and for personal use.

There are two types of licenses that I grant for the use of my photographs and videos.

Creative Commons

There are several versions of Creative Commons licenses, I have chosen to license my photos and videos under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. This license has only two requirements.

  • Attribution is required: you must give appropriate credit to me Jonathan Cutrer as the original creator and I also ask that you link to this website You can find several examples of proper attributions here.
  • Non-Commercial: You may NOT use my photos and videos for any commercial purpose whatsoever. If you receive compensation of any kind in relation to the use of my photo or video use is NOT permitted under this license. Commercial use includes use by a business of any type (for-profit, non-profit, professional bloggers, YouTube channel).

This is the license that applies to you if you are using my photos or videos for a personal project, personal blog posts, a school assignment, desktop wallpaper on your personal computer, etc.


For any commercial usage of my photos and video you must contact me for a licensing agreement. My images are not free to use for commercial purposes and licensing fees are required for use. Fees vary based on where you use the photo or videos. I do offer reasonable licensing fees and offer discounts for non-profit organizations.

Commercial license request form

Here are some examples of commercial uses that require a licensing agreement.

  • Images used on company website or blog (online marketing)
  • Images used in a corporate marketing campaing (print and web)
  • Images used for magazine copy or advertisement
  • Digital file used to create framed prints and canvas art prints.

There are many different commercials uses, too many to provide an exhaustive list. Feel free to contact me for details about your specific use of the image.

Thank you for your interest.

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