I am Jonathan Cutrer

I have been capturing the world with my camera for over 28 years. Professional photographer is a label I do not claim simply because I do not make a living from photography. I use photography as a creative outlet and love sharing my work with the world. Most of my photos are released under the Creative Commons license.

My style of work is primarily documentary photography and travel photographer but venture into other genres of photography including abstract creative, landscape, and portraits. My work has been published in many news media outlets including…

  • USA Today
  • Yahoo News
  • Texas Almanac
  • Texas Public Radio
  • Observer
  • Futurism
  • many more

This website is the home of my photographic body of work. I also write a technical blog over at https://jcutrer.com and have a YouTube Channel.

Get in Touch

You can connect with me via Twitter or use the contact page.

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